You will really know that a fashion trend has arrived when you see 4 out of 5 women wearing it. Do you know the idiom “it spreads like wildfire” – yeap, a trend is like that.

The current fave is the peplum blazer. Upon checking on the Internet, this blazer was not a new creation but was already part of a fashion revival. It was created during the 1940s and is now making its comeback.

Unlike the other jackets or blazer, the peplum has ruffled ends which flatters all body types but in particular the hourglass bodies. blog site has given a bit of an overview about the blazer and at the same time gave useful tips on how one can wear it with style for different body types.

Plus size women who are reading this might get turned off – please don’t. I know I have mentioned ruffled ends and that is kind of a no-no for women who are a bit heavy waist down. From the fashion articles that I have been reading, plus size women should not fear this blazer because it gives a silhouette of a waist to hip curve. Resultly website got these peplum blazers that are too cute to be ignored. I like the Charlotte Ruse and Wet Seal collections. These blazers are just right to the waist that gives the curves plus size women are looking for.


This blazer can be paired with shorts, dress, skirts and pants. It will be nice to pair it off with a bottom that is form fitting and not loose so that visually you will not look big (especially if you are plus-size).

Look at this young lady wearing an Ashley Stewart peplum blazer. The blazer sits well on the waist. Though the color of the blazer is light, it did not make her look big because she has also paired it with dark denim jeans that gave a curvaceous silhouette of her body, from her waist down.

peplum blazer

Make sure to wear shoes with heels so that it elongates you rather than wearing flats (this applies to all body types). Now for the group of women that was not blessed with a bigger behind, this blazer can also work wonders for you because of the ruffled ends, it gives an illusion as if you have a bigger bottom than what you do actually have. Give it a try by wearing a dress or a skirt and look at the mirror to see its effect.

I leave you with another blog article on how to rock the peplum outfits before it gets you.
Remember, for fashion, no one is left out.

The chiffon dress has been a staple in every cocktail, wedding, prom and even on the awards night. I guess the light fabric makes it easier and manageable to wear. This dress does not let you worry about it being too heavy and would only want you to have a good time while wearing it.

A friend of mine is getting married this month. I thought of going for a different dress probably the one with a lace design or suede but one night while my mom and I were walking down to memory lane, she showed me her wedding gown. It was a white chiffon dress with a silver waistband. It was simple and sophisticated.

This made me decide to go back in getting a chiffon dress. The dress just flowed and it looked perfect. With time ticking very fast, I need to get my hands on a dress that I can use for this occasion and hopefully in a few more events.

My search led me to this wonderful website, Resultly. It has these beautiful and elegant white chiffon dresses to choose from. I like the fact that they provide an accurate description of what the dress is made of.

I have my eye on a mid-length dress. I know a lot of women like long dresses. I am not very fond of it because I always end up tripping on my dress. That will be a major fail especially if I will be walking and tripping while the bride and groom thank everybody who came to their wedding! Lol!

Besides, I do not want to steal the limelight from the bride herself. Ever girl has her moment and that definitely is hers. Going back to my dress, I have found this dress worn by Miranda Kerr. I tried searching who made her dress but I could not find anything online.

white chiffon dress

I will try pinging this photo to my friends and maybe they can point me on where to buy them. Okay, I might have said awhile back that the spotlight should be on the bride but that does not mean I cannot be exciting with my dress, right? I can just picture myself looking like a goddess here. I can either have a loose bun as a hairstyle or maybe a French braid. My accessories will be minimal either gold or opal jewelry to make the white chiffon dress stand out more.

I have found another chiffon dress that is flirty and feminine. I can also wear this to the wedding and can also be worn as a day dress so it is not just meant for those formal occasions. The chiffon dress is not only for formal events but also on other days that are special.

I have to go now as my friend said that she might have found who was the designer for Miranda’s dress. I hope I can afford it! See yah!

If you ask me, solid colors are easier to be paired with just about anything! You just need to make sure that you match it with the right color or print and you are good to go.

Don’t you find that a bit boring? How about mixing your prints with prints? Scared to do so? Real Simple has actually provided a few tips on how you can mix and match your outfit without looking like you have completely lost your fashion sense.

Same print, different sizes

How about pairing off a polka dot top and skirt? Resultly has this cute sheer black polka dot skirt from Forever 21. Since the skirt already has big dots you can match it with a top that has small polka dots. Same patterns can be used just as long as they are not of the size because it will make your outfit look busy and will lose its coherence.

Same color on the prints

You can mix and match prints as long as their colors are in the same family. Take another example of the polka dot skirt. If your dots are white, you can pair this off with a top that has animal prints on them as long as either the color background of the top is white or the animal prints are white.

Incorporate a solid color in between the prints

To visually break off and bring consistency to your outfits, you can also introduce a solid color in between your prints.

With these points in hand, you can start and try if you are bold enough to pair off your prints with prints. I think it will be safe to start with either the stripes or polka dot patterns. These two are easy to mix and match with other prints.

However, if you still think that you cannot do it, try this Forever 21 polka dot skirt with stripes at the end of the hem. Since the skirt itself has already done the mix and match, you can either introduce a solid color or follow the print you have on the skirt, you can either have a striped top or polka dot, take your pick.

polka dot skirt

polka dot skirt

You can also check out this link for more polka dot skirt choices to choose from.

Of course in mix and matching your clothes, there will be times that the outfit you think makes you fashion forward will turn out to be a fashion disaster. This should not discourage you from trying.

Remember that you will never learn the right way until you fail. This rule also applies in fashion.

Happy mix and matching!

For many woman, leisurely getting ready means taking one’s time putting on makeup and carefully choosing a look that goes well with the designated style for the day or evening. Sometimes though, confusion on how to apply foundation or mascara can arise, leading to a botched look that is less than the perfect standard that you want to attain. Rather than continue to settle for less, there are a number of sources that you can consult to perfect your application technique so you always land the best look possible. With the following sources, you’ll feel like a professional.

Online Sources

makeupThe first source is for the girl that doesn’t have time to leave home and need a quick solution. Online sources, particularly youtube, are a great way to learn about an application technique and other tips for how to apply an array of items. Some of the most popular sources include the product seller’s main website, online videos from professional experts, and even videos that have been created by the everyday lady. Online sources are great to use because you can quickly check for what you are looking for and move on with your day.

Professional Experts at Studios

If you have some free time on your hands, then another option is to consult professional studios. When you visit a professional studio, you can usually pay to have beauty products applied. During the process, you are free to ask questions about certain types of products, how to apply them, and which ones work best with your appearance. Essentially, this type of option is an invaluable source to gaining some great sources that can show you and help you on how to apply certain products. The depth of explanation and information also depends upon the studio that you visit.


The final option for some great tips, which may seem outdated to some, are books. Books are great because they provide you with high-quality images, priceless information that is bound to be useful, and content that is written by experts. You can find an array of beauty books for your needs at bookstores or even some beauty studios.

Looking beautiful is largely a matter of feeling beautiful. For many women, feeling beautiful is related to the simple products that can be applied during a daily routine. With the tips above, you’ll be able to enhance you appearance in a professional manner.

For some women, clothes shopping are one of the most enjoyable and trilling activities that they can partake in. When you buy a new outfit, you feel excited about being able to wear it the next day. You consider how great each item is going to pair with other things in your closet, and you may even admire how fashionable you look. Considering your own experience when it comes to clothes, you may wonder how any other woman may not have the same feelings that you have. While there may not be women who absolutely hate clothing shopping, there are certainly elements of shopping that some women think could be improved to make for a better experience.

Shopping Takes a Lot of Time

clothes shoppingOne of the worst things about clothing shopping is that it takes a great deal of time. Women that are especially busy with their daily lives usually dislike wasting time in department stores and rummaging through the many options of products on the shelves. For women that are always pressed for time though, there are a few ways to reduce stress and actually enjoy the shopping experience. This includes working a shopping day into your schedule, only choosing selective stores to see, and designating which items you are specifically looking for.

Shopping Can Be Stressful

Another reason that some women may dislike shopping is that some women have encountered pad experiences during their shopping experience. These types of bad experiences usually fall along the lines of impolite sales people, lack of help when buying, and an overall sense that nothing that is found in a store fits what one is looking for. These types of problems aren’t very serious and they can be fixed. The main type of approach is to try and find an entirely new shopping center with stores that you love. In addition, it may also help to bring a friend with you so you can have someone to help you decide upon what to buy. With a friend, you can also make your shopping experience into a more enjoyable day by incorporating things like getting your nails done or a nice lunch out.


Overall, while there may not be women that entirely hate shopping for clothes, there are certainly a number of women that dislike shopping because it takes a lot of time and it can be stressful. Fortunately, with the tips above, you can certainly turn things around.

Michael Kors has helped to change the handbag industry by creating fashionable and functional shoulder bags, clutches and wallets that represent the look and style found in the same major cities the brand is sold in. Along with designing luxury accessories, Michael Kors is also known for producing designer footwear, watches, jewelry, men’s and women’s clothing, and a full line of high quality fragrances. The company was founded in 1981 and has stores located in New York, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, London, Milan and Dubai.

A Look Back at the Beginning of Kors Fashion

The Michael Kors brand has represented the height of luxury since it was first established in 1981 by Mr. Kors himself. A native of Long Island, NY, Michael Kors attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC before launching his fashion collection which includes elegantly tailored clothing and a host of fashionable accessories designed for the female professional. His clothing line was first introduced in clothing stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor. After a humble beginning, the Kors collection soon caught the eye of celebrity icons including Barbara Williams and more recently, First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Brand That Is Constantly Reinventing Itself To Represent Today’s Luxurious Style

Michael Kors fashion empire continues to grow today as more accessories and fashion essentials are added to the brand’s collection. After a downfall in 1993 when a bankruptcy caused the line to close temporarily, The Michael Kors brand managed to get back on its feet by launching a more affordable line of apparel. A menswear line was developed and launched later in 2002.

Along with the prestigious runway collection, the MICHAEL and KORS lines were both launched in 2004 and include various handbags, shoes and ready to wear apparel. Today there are full collection Michael Kors boutiques located in Chicago, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, New York and Manhasset.

Since his fashion comeback, Michael Kors has went on to create many custom gowns and accessories for celebrities including Alicia Keys, Jennifer Garner, and Rene Russo. Kors was also a judge on the reality TV program Project Runway which aired on Bravo and Lifetime. In 2014, Forbes magazine stated that Michael Kors has a one billion dollar fortune making him one of the newest billionaires in the fashion industry. He was also selected for the Time 100 as one of the most influential people in the world in 2013.

Armani suits at half-price, Givenchy gowns with 60% off, surely these are only things that many shoppers dream of. Actually, these prices really do exist and it’s not always because these items are on sale. If you take a trip to any major designer outlet you will see tons of amazing deals on a variety of designer goods. Most of the times major designer outlet stores are located only in major cities. For those who can’t make it to any outlets shopping sites can be a lifesaver. Offering designer goods for a steal along with free or reduced shipping costs at most sites what’s not to like?

Getting Designer Goods Directly From the Designers

shopping sitesMany designers collect leftovers from their previous seasons’ collection found at their main store. They then send these items to many outlets and online boutiques at significant discounts. These stores can then mark them up however they like while still offering them at a good price to their customers. Another way stores can get designer goods is by having the designer design their clothing line for their store. These pieces will not be a complete replica of the high fashion designs that you can find on the runway. But, they still carry the designers name and sense of style.

Getting Designer Goods from Previous Owners

Another way many shopping sites find designer goods is through consignments. A consignment is when someone who wants to sell something they own. In this case it would be a designer piece, that has rarely been worn and is in good condition. Instead of selling it themselves a store will purchase it from them. They will then sell it or offer to put the item on their racks and pay the owner once the piece sells. Since they are considered used items even if they haven’t been used shoppers can find them at a deeply discounted price. Once considered a hush-hush type of store many fashionistas now frequent online stores with the hopes of finding the perfect designer piece at a low price.

In the end a fabulous designer bag can wield a great deal of power. It can make an old pair of jeans look like a million bucks and act as an investment in your wardrobe. Buying straight off the runway or at designer boutiques can be incredibly expensive. Shopping online can not only help you find pieces you wouldn’t normally find in physical stores. It can also save your wallet from taking a huge hit.


For many shoppers that buy online, buying fashion footwear has always been a concern. Footwear has been a difficult product to buy online because there is always a fear that the shoe won’t fit, it won’t be comfortable, or that it won’t even look exactly as it does when advertised. Over time, sellers have modified their sales methods for choose, making the process much easier and compatible with the demands of buyers. Below is an overview of how footwear is now easy to buy online, meaning that you don’t need to worry when you make that next online purchase.

Size Charts

fashion footwearOne of the greatest factors that have that has affected the ease of buying fashion footwear online is that there are now size charts for both men and women who are shopping. You can now easily determine if the shoe will fit you comfortably and if it is your size. In some cases, size charts are also created according to foot width. Therefore, if you have wide feet, then the chart can help you find the right shoe.

Shoe Specifications

Another great element of footwear online is that you get an in-depth and thorough overview of the shoe. When you visit the store, there is nothing explaining to you what the shoe is made out of, how high it is exactly, and so forth. On the other hand, when you shop online, you can read everything that you need to know about the shoe specifications. Companies post the materials the shoes are made out of, what makes the shoes unique, and sometimes the specific style of the shoe. This makes your shopping experience not only more enjoyable, but much easier than it would be if you were to purchase your shoe from the store.

Comparative Shopping

Lastly, shopping online allows you to comparative shop. This means that you can search the shoes online and choose the model that you want depending on the price and the supplier. You can find the best deals that are available to you online, which means that you save money, all the while getting the shoe that you are looking for.

Overall, purchasing shoes online is one of the easiest ways to get the quality and fairly priced pair of shoes that you are looking for. You should never have to settle for less, and online shopping protects you against that.